About us

UrbanEARS is an international consortium that draws on the expertise of 8 research institutions. The involved fields include urban remote sensing, remote sensing of vegetation, hydrology, climatology, urban modelling, planning and architecture. Below you can find a list of researchers involved in the UrbanEARS project, organized per partner institution. Please use the contact form of this website if you would like to receive more information from our project partners.

Belgian partners

Division of Forest, Nature and Landscape

  • prof. Ben Somers (project manager)

  • prof. Martin Hermy

  • Jeroen Degerickx (PhD student)

Department of Forest and Water Management

  • prof. Frieke Van Coillie

  • prof. Robert De Wulf

  • Marie-Leen Verdonck (PhD student)

  • dr. Matthias Demuzere (post-doc)

Cartography and GIS Research Group

  • prof. Frank Canters

  • Frederik Priem (PhD student)

Hydrology Department

  • dr. Boud Verbeiren

  • prof. Willy Bauwens

  • Charlotte Wirion (PhD student)

International partners

Geomatics Lab

  • dr. Sebastian van der Linden

  • dr. Akpona Okujeni

Department of Geography

  • prof. Dar Roberts

  • prof. Joe McFadden

  • Erin Wetherley (PhD student)


Unit Environmental Modelling

  • dr. Bino Maiheu

  • dr. Hans Hooyberghs

Building, Architecture and Town Planning

  • prof. Ahmed Khan

  • Philip Stessens (PhD student)

This project is funded by the Belgian Federal Science Policy (Belspo) within the RESEARCH PROGRAMME FOR EARTH OBSERVATION - “STEREO III”.

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